Starr Films

2 weeks 5 shorts

We are currently working with NY-based film director and producer, Angelique Laetizia, on her latest project, 2 weeks, 5 shorts. Angelique Laetizia is the owner of Starr Films, which recently produced Sarina's Song.

Pimp, the Film (Poster)

We contributed financing to the production of PIMP, a Revolver Entertainment production, starring Danny Dyer and Robert Cavannah.

The tight budget, short production time and 'mockumentary' style format made for a challenging production about a difficult but real subject matter — London's modern day underworld.

Find out more about the film:

Brody House

Through private screenings at Brody House, WP Ents promotes independent film and documentary projects, including HBO's 'The Talented Pusker Sisters' and Dutch writer Jaap Scholten's documentary 'Comrade Baron – the return of the Aristocracy'.